HOLI RUN is something unknown to you, and you ask yourself incredible questions about this event?!
Here are answers to the most common questions given to the Holi Run organizers!
– Can I come with my paint?
– No! This is the safety of the participants and guests of the event. Certified Hawk Paint will be issued and sold on the run.

– What color do we use to run?
– Paint Holi is held in India and received all necessary permissions for its use in Ukraine and in the EEC territory. It consists of a certified colored powder that is non-toxic, not annoying and 100% bio decomposes. As this powder, we recommend wearing glasses, and we recommend wearing a scarf or bandana (buff) to protect the airways!

– Can I take photos on HOLI RUN ?!
– Of course! Of course, professional photographers will be present and you will also be able to find your photos! If you are shooting on a camera or phone, it is important to protect it with an airtight polyethylene bag or stretch film.

– Can children take part?
– For a race of 5 km you must be no less than 18 years of age, 2 km you must be over 12 years old. And for the very youngest from 6 to 12 years we prepared a distance of 500 meters, accompanied by parents.

– How to get dressed?
– Dress white natural clothes that can be painted with holi paint (T-shirt). It is desirable “dress-up”, because it is this party that dominates this event!

– What age restrictions?
– For a race of 5 km you must be at least 18 years of age, 2 km you must be more than 12 years old, and for Holly Beck you must be over 7 years old and be accompanied by your parents.

– What do I get for a registration fee?
– Depending on your choice of start-up kit, you will have the opportunity to participate in Color Holi Run with its colorful projections, festive atmosphere and entertainment!
You will also get a  starting number, a Holi of paint for all participants, a participant bracelet, water, a medal of finalists of colored competitions, as well as additional gifts from partners.

– Can I return the registration fee?
– Yes, it is possible, but only if the event is canceled. Or you can pick up your gifts on the day of the colorful run of Holi Run!

– Can I run with my dog?
– Unfortunately no! Any animal is forbidden to run for safety reasons and, of course, protects our animals against any hit of Hallow paint!

– When, where and how to take a registration set?
– On the day of the event at HOLI RUN VILLAGE just before the start, but remember there may be some waiting in the queue! To collect your registration number, you need to provide an electronic ticket.

– Can I accompany the participants on a bicycle or on rollers?
– It is prohibited to go on a racetrack without a starting number affixed to the front of the T-shirt! In addition, it is forbidden to ride a bike, rollers, giroboards and bring something, it’s up to the safety of the participants!

– Can I participate without a starting number in the race?
– No! No start-up number is allowed to enter the course! That’s why it’s important to put your bib on a t-shirt! Controllers (marshals) will be present throughout the race!

– Can I transfer registration to run?
– Yes, of course! However, the participant will have to come with a ticket confirming participation in the race!